In today’s globalizing society, it is crucial to learn foreign languages and develop an understanding of diversity, logical thinking, and presentation skills. International Youth Program enables youth to acquire these skills and build awareness through integration and exposure to different cultures. Youth from around the world come together to learn, explore and create memories. Our program focuses on experiential learning that creates global citizens. International Youth Program offers the perfect combination of communicative language learning and a variety of project-based learning activities. 

Participating in our program will help youth:

+ Broaden and improve their English language skills through complete immersion

+ Build on their communication and presentation skills

+ Engage in stimulating activities 

+ Create new friendships with youth from different countries 

+ Be culturally aware and sensitive 

+ Have fun and create ever-lasting memories 

Learning Goals:


+ Make new friends

+ Develop high self-esteem

+ Improve decision-making

Critical Thinking

+ Develop problem solving skills 

+ Plan and create unique art  

+ Improve communication skills


+ Take care of personal needs

+ Independently solve problems

+ Take on leadership roles


+ Work in groups as a team

+ Be apart of a community

+ Learn about new cultures

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Toronto Campus: 5th Floor, 27 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON, M5B 1L2

Hamilton Campus: Unit 1-2, 1104 Fennell Ave. E, Hamilton, ON, L8T 1R9

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Tel: +1-416-506-1212   /   Email:   /  Toronto Campus: 5th Floor, 27 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON, M5B 1L2


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